Windscreen Rain Repellent


  • Repels rain, sleet and snow and aids the removal of salt, bugs, mud and general grime
  • Provides a durable hydrophobic finish that forces water to “bead up”
  • Simple spray on, wipe off application
  • Enhanced visibility in severe weather conditions
  • Gives a dirt resistant surface



  1. Ensure the windscreen is thoroughly cleaned, free of waxes and silicones
  2. Apply onto a clean lint free cloth and apply onto a dry windscreen at temperatures above 5°c using small circular motions
  3. Allow to dry completely and buff with a paper towel to shine.
    NOTE: To avoid smears and streaks check condition of the wiper blades as deteriorating rubber and grime can cause smear/filming on windscreens




Part No.   RAIN500

Size:   500ml

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