Standard TFR 25 Litre


  • Specifically formulated to remove traffic film, oil, grease and general soiling from all vehicle types
  • Highly concentrated
  • Gentle on paintwork and removes traffic film
  • Safe to use and very Economical
  • Non-toxic/non-flammable/non-caustic



  1. Spray the vehicle ensuring that all surfaces are covered with the solution
  2. Leave for 1 minute
  3. Rinse thoroughly, using a high-pressure sprayer and clean water
  4. Agitate where necessary
    FOR HEAVY SOILING: Dilute 1:25 parts to hot or cold water
    FOR LIGHT SOILING: Dilute 1:100 parts to hot or cold water




Part No.   STFR25

Size   25 Litre

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