Air-Con Sanitiser


  • Sanitisation of entire air conditioning system
  • Proven to kill a broad range of bacteria, fungus and yeasts while leaving a pleasant and long lasting aroma
  • Suitable for any automotive vehicle with an air conditioning system fitted
  • Efficient cleaning and sanitising air conditioning sanitiser aerosol


  1. Shake well before use
  2. Close all windows
  3. Start the engine
  4. Switch on the air conditioning setting to recirculate mode on full power and lowest temperature
  5. Place aerosol in upright position in foot well and away from any obstructions
  6. Depress the nozzle in the lock position away from yourself
  7. Exit the vehicle ensuring all doors and windows are closed
  8. Once the aerosol has emptied allow the air conditioning to run for another 10 minutes
  9. Open the car door, turn off the engine and allow any fumes to evaporate (normally 30-60 minutes)
  10. Dispose of can safely




Part No.   ACON

Size   150ml

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